About us

The goal of our company is to provide a professional and comprehensive interior design and renovation services, which are including apartment, office, or store etc., to our customers. We are always willing to listen to our customer’s suggestions and needs in order to provide the best and high-quality design scheme. 


In addition, our company has a professional management team to control the overall quality and the time management of renovation. We aim to provide the most comfortable and satisfied working or living environment to our customers within a guarantee period of time. 



All of our senior employees in Hong Kong have 10+ years of renovation experience and served thousands of customers in a year. The entire renovating procedures will be monitored by our executive management team members and supervisor, in order to guarantee the best quality to the customer. 

All of our renovation processes will have a one-year warranty. All the repair services will be provided for free within the warranty period after the renovation is completed. If needed by the customer, we will also provide any corresponding action or plan in order to meet their requirement throughout the whole process. 


Design ideas: 

* Provide professional interior design services 

* Customer is always our first priority and all our designers will make plans based on customer’s ideas or thoughts 

* The designer will try their best to meet customer’s requirement in order to fit the criteria with limited space and time 

* With the limited space available, all our designers will have sufficient skills and techniques to meet the practical standards 


Service commitment 

1. Special 3-year structural warranty provided 

2. All of our customers can obtain free window inspection from certified personnel of Buildings Department 

3. Free building inspection, size measurement, interior design suggestion, and the estimation of the project price 

4. Price matching policy applied 

5. All of the renovation services should be contract restricted. 

6. Daily update on the progress and quality condition to customers 

7. High-quality raw materials with the lowest possible price 

8. Free installation, delivery, insurance, and renovation request from the Buildings Department